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Starving for Perfection

So... From Saturday here is what happened.

Saturday: Feel like crap, Don't go to work, Feel bad about not going.Couldn't eat or sleep due to Kidney pain and nausea.

Sunday: Try and go to work. Make it an hour before vomiting and burning myself. Go home. Try and sleep, no luck. Try to eat, no luck. Try and take several hot baths and several high grade painkilleres to kill the kidney pain, no luck. Finally about what seemed like 4pm but was 11am my mother decides I feel Warm and takes my temp. 102.7. We go to the E.R. Triage nurse throws me in a room after some girl who has a pen in her cast and says put on the gown and no blankets they keep in the fever. I was freezing and waited for over an hour until my mom goes in the hall and thew a fit. They were like blah blah catheter blah blah x-rays. I was like no I got all that done Wednesday and they setteled upon C.T. So that gets done and we wait and we wait and the nurse shows up and says your being admitted we will give you details in your room. So I go upstairs and get setteled and the Doctor comes in. He says the stone grew to 9mm. The catheter was unsanitary and caused and infection that has back up behind the stone and the stone shifted sideways blocking all flow from the kidney. Have some painkillers and antibiotics. Oh and you get to pee in this weird thing Because we have to measure all fluids that enter and leave your body to make sure the other Kidney is functioning.


Monday: After about two saline bags and two iv antibiotics the pain continues but I manage to force down the real bit of food in a few days but not much. I stop peeing. Next thing I know I am heading downstairs to emergency surgery to place a stent in my kidney leading to my bladder becasue the presure on just the one kidney was causing it to join the failure club. The Anasteswhatever comes in and says they let you eat, I can't put you to sleep or give you local anistetic, you have to remain awake and you will feel it, but I can make you drunk-like so you don't care... I was like ughhh, die or feel it, I should have choosen die. No one will every be able to pitty me unitl they know what it is like to have several doctors all up in my ladyhood bladder area. I mean painfully all up in it. I didn't remember much after it but as the days go on I remember more and more and IT HURT LIKE WHOA!
I felt it going all the way up to my kidney.

Tuesday: recover

Wednesday: Go Home

Today: The sympthoms are : The overwhelming urge to pee like whoa. Like OMG i have to go now pee, not like oh, I have to pee. I can actually use a public restroom now, because I have no choice. Pain, not as bad and for that I am so greatful but there nonetheless. I have soreness in the right kidney from pushing it so hard. The other I can feel the tube and where the stone is pressing on it and the wall the most. I can't wear pants the press on me in anyway due to my bladder and the stone swelling is on my pantline. joy. so joy for fat pants. But thats not hard cause the most fun part. I can eat up to one meal a day. That's it. Not Doctor's orders but thats all i can have with out getting sick. So I have lost weight, like an anorexic. AND I walk funny with a limp because of pressure and etc. Monday is pre-op for the removal of the stone but i need another ct scan because if any calcium has built up to make it 10mm they have to go in from the side with a knife insted of a soundwave. They will remove the tube with the surgery when it happens. BECAUSE THEY DIDNT REMOVE IT WHILE THEY WERE ALL UP IN ME!!! navy. bah. but I am happy to be in less pain. and sleeping.

because i always want something...

this time i want out of the house!!!!!!!!!!! and to punch navy doctors in teh face... and west florida ones also... and to cry cause they wont give me any painkillers for the kidney stone that is 7mm by 3mm trying to fit through that effing tiny tube that will be removed via opperation in oh ummmm two effing weeks... i wish large kidney stones upon all of them alllllllllllllllllllllllllll offffffffffffffff themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

andy samberg snl joy if you have time

i want a pepsi

for some god awful reason...  and why do most gender reassignment men have mustaches before the "change"... just wondering.

gave up on the whole changing the lj thing, just gave up. I'm supertired but can't go to sleep. I was reading back on old entries and still heart me some tom gordon but i hear he is crazy now and was baker acted, whatever. Super ticked at the navy hospital for missing my fathers cancer for five years and for ignoring my symptoms but i finally get to see a civilian doctor as soon as i can get an appointment. oh and i wrecked my car.
efff... it will be okay he will call tomorrow and it will be okay... i <3 him, dearly...


Holla back, ya'll.


Every single entry but this one will be locked. It is done. If you care as much to really know what is going on you are a friend and can read the others if not sorry...G'day to the "others"


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